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Spiritually You Group Coaching is done in the form of a Book Club.

Book Club material must be purchased and an agreement signed before the participant can join Spiritually You. Self- Remembering Book Club.

Therefore, all participant (Must understand, that they will be encouraged to speak out loud in a group setting, but only about things that they are comfortable with speaking. You will never be forced to discuss anything you’re uncomfortable with discussing in a group setting but will be the courage to email or call Coach Diana with your questions, concern and or contemplation questions.

All books are base open the (HuMethod), but the suggestion is welcome. The HuMethod are clinically proven the Self-help exercises, which take away Judgment and Analyzation of the client or tell him/her how to think and or how to react to a particular situation. This is facilitated by asking a series of questions and Meditation Exercises that will help you to distinguish the difference between your spiritual distinctions and your non-spiritual ones, which will help you to realize your Self-help Objects in a spiritually centered why.

There is a Flat rate service of $10 per person.

We meet twice per month over Skype or any other conferencing system available.

What’s included:

* We read and Share spiritual and Self-help books-ONLY!

* safe and comfortable manner.

* Each book paragraph is associated with assigned homework.

* Homework is a sign a week in advance and be discussed at the beginning of each meeting in an individual format.

* Will be in encouraged to meditate.

* Will be encouraged to serve (Volunteer)

* Will be encouraged to (Garden)

* And we definitely will have the talk about money.

1 Free Download MP3 Spiritual Distinction Meditation

Book club material must be purchased and an agreement signed before the participant can join Spiritually You. Self- Remembering Book Club. However, feel to follow coach Diana on her social media platform Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where she shared her favorite quotes and self-created recipes.

Book club agreement and self-mastery material link should be added on to the group coaching tab.

Let me be the first to congratulate you in your decision and commitment to remembering WHO YOU ARE!

Standard Book Club – Books

The Awakening: A Transformation Love Story by Joseph Hu Dalconzo

The HuMan Handbook by Joseph Hu Dalconzo

The Seven Spiritual Truth by Joseph Hu Dalconzo

Our ProgramsForgiving One Be-ing at a time, starting with Myself!

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Spiritual Life Coaching

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I will help YOU to grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally—to help you become empowered by the courage, strength, wisdom, intelligence, and talents you already possess.

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Self-mastery is gaining self-control over the functionality of your “ego mind”. By doing so, you will be better able to control your Thoughts, Words, Feelings, and Actions. This is essential because our thoughts manifest into words, words into feelings, and feelings into actions. And all of these equals WHO YOU ARE.“Consciously co-creating with the universe through self-mastery is the only way you can live the life you want to live” – Coach Diana

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Group Coaching

Spiritually You Group Coaching is done much the same way a book club ‘operates’. Participants need to understand that they will be encouraged to share in a group setting to the extent they are comfortable. Participants will also have access to Coach Diana via email, phone calls, or one-on-one conversations.

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