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Your Guide to Mastering Your Whole Self

What is… Self-Mastery?

Good question! Let’s begin by defining the words “Self” and “Mastery”.

“A Self-Mastered Person Has Mastered His or Her Ego-Mind to Such a Degree That the Mind Acts as a Servant, Granting the Individual the Empowerment to Actualize His or Her Own Divine Potential.”

When people first hear the term “SELF-MASTERY”, they usually associate it with perfectionism or with highly evolved beings, such as Buddha or Jesus. Self-mastery is not about perfectionism, nor do you have to be as evolved as Buddha or Jesus to be self-mastered. If you were sent on a quest to find “the perfect tree,” after some investigation and discussion you would probably conclude that there is no such thing as one perfect tree. It is the same with human beings: we are all perfect in our own unique way!

This concept applies in the same way to self-mastery. Your quest is to be the most perfect you that you can be. You are unique to the universe and as such, your self-actualization will manifest as you master the perfection that is within you. Your self-mastery cannot be picked in someone else’s garden!

In order to understand the term Self-Mastery, let’s define the words SELF and MASTER:

The SELF is that part of us that is ONE with the infinite. It is the part of us that is eternal and immortal. Every second, our SELF orchestrates six trillion functions within our bodies to maintain life. Our body, orchestrated by our Inner-SELF and, is capable of hearing music, killing germs, making a baby, driving a car, talking on the phone, breathing, digesting food, and circulating our blood simultaneously! Our SELF, a miracle of infinite organizing power, is well capable of consciously training our Ego-Mind to manifest all of our heart’s desires!

A MASTER is one who creates masterpieces. Michelangelo was considered a master because he demonstrated mastery on the physical plane. He created works of art, such as the Pieta and David, which most people consider to be masterpieces. Michelangelo became a master artist by breaking his art down into small pieces and mastering one piece at a time, which is evident by the “masterpieces” he created. The type of self-mastered person that I’m referring to in this textbook is someone who spends over fifty-one percent of each day as a conscious master over his or her Ego-Mind.

In order for me to teach the self-mastery process, I had to go through my own self- mastery process first, it was broken down into small, manageable pieces. It was simplify so that I could understand it.

Self-mastery is an abstract, esoteric concept, that could be hard to understand, but when broken into concrete, step-by-step, easy-to-understand specific set of exercises, it becomes easy to understand so that all we have to do is master each piece one at a time, using the easy-to-follow mastery exercises that was developed by HLC until, like Michelangelo, we have created our own masterpiece: self-mastered life!

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Self-mastery is gaining self-control over the functionality of your “ego mind”. By doing so, you will be better able to control your Thoughts, Words, Feelings, and Actions. This is essential because our thoughts manifest into words, words into feelings, and feelings into actions. And all of these equals WHO YOU ARE.“Consciously co-creating with the universe through self-mastery is the only way you can live the life you want to live” – Coach Diana

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