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My desire and goal as a spiritual life coach is to teach people to holistically forgive so that they can live a life that is free of anger, frustration, resentment, shame, and blame. The ability to forgive isn’t just something that happens. It’s not something a person just ‘does’, but rather someone they become. Becoming a person who embodies forgiveness involves the embodiment of certain values.

Teaching Values

Integrity. . Integrity is the character trait that teaches you how to live (integrate) truth you’re your life without judgment, blame, or shame. By using a series of diagnostic exercises designed just for you, we can discover and dissolve the unforgiveness barriers which are preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

Authenticity. Authenticity is the real deal. No pretense. No mask. Like a pair of Levis®, when you live authentically, you are the genuine ‘article’ you were created to be. As a spiritual life coach, I will teach you how to live more authentically. In other words, your thoughts, words and behaviors will come from a heart, soul, and mind filled with confidence instead of fear. Your thoughts, words, and behaviors will be inspired by inner-peace instead of packed-away pain.

Responsibility. Responsibility is ownership. In this case you are taking ownership of your life instead of leaving it in the hands of those who have hurt you in the past. Working together, you will learn how to “RESPOND WITH ABILITY” by Studying, Practicing, Internalizing, and Emotionalizing. A weekly assignment will help you gain the courage to take responsibility for dealing with your past hurts and the consequences they have brought into your life and the lives of those around you.

Enrichment. Enrichment is ‘adding to’. Making something better or increasing it for the purpose of extending the benefits you derive from ‘it’. As your spiritual life coach, I will help you discover the value and joy derived from one of our most fundamental and instinctive means of enrichment, which is to SERVE.


We are holistic beings; meaning each part of us is connected to the other. The hundreds of bones, miles of veins and arteries, and billions of cells all wrapped up inside us are working together…in rhythm…to make us, a single individual. ONE WHOLE.

What that means to you, is that you already possess everything you need to be free of the toxic waste of unforgiveness that is eating away at your wholeness. That’s right—it’s all there. But they become buried too deep to dig out on your own when you allow the hurts and pains of the past to feed and grow off of each other for long periods of time.

That’s where I come in. I simply come alongside you to help you exterminate the toxic waste.
Why me, you ask? Because I used to be poisoned by unforgiveness. For years I lived in a body and mind overflowing with anger, hatred, resentment, shame, and even guilt. But when God made it impossible for me to ignore him (I was a bit of a slow learner) I knew I would never go back to my former ways of thinking and I knew I would be remiss if I kept my new-found freedom to myself.

I want to use my past pain and the letting go of it for the greater good, as well as myself. So, by learning to use clinically-proven techniques for teaching awareness and self-mastery, and through helping you grow in faith and confidence, I am both qualified and passionate about helping you move beyond past trauma and into the present and future with joy, creativity, and a readiness to LIVE!

Our ProgramsForgiving One Be-ing at a time, starting with Myself!

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Spiritual Life Coaching

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I will help YOU to grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally—to help you become empowered by the courage, strength, wisdom, intelligence, and talents you already possess.

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Self-mastery is gaining self-control over the functionality of your “ego mind”. By doing so, you will be better able to control your Thoughts, Words, Feelings, and Actions. This is essential because our thoughts manifest into words, words into feelings, and feelings into actions. And all of these equals WHO YOU ARE.“Consciously co-creating with the universe through self-mastery is the only way you can live the life you want to live” – Coach Diana

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Group Coaching

Spiritually You Group Coaching is done much the same way a book club ‘operates’. Participants need to understand that they will be encouraged to share in a group setting to the extent they are comfortable. Participants will also have access to Coach Diana via email, phone calls, or one-on-one conversations.

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