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Your First two (2) Advanced Life Skills Classes are Introductory Classes. During each 50-minute session you will be introduced to the process of how, as a certified spiritual life coach, I will guide you toward creating permanent behavioral changes.

What’s included?

  1. Learning how the Laws of the Universe work and how they govern our lives whether we are conscious of them or not.
  2. Learning why, without first-party communication, creating Permanent Behavioral Changes is nearly impossible.
  3. You will develop an understanding of how our unconscious negative and positive beliefs (no matter where they come from) are responsible for whatever we are experiencing—good, bad, or indifferent. You will also learn how to dis-create (get rid of) the one(s) working against you vs. helping you become the person you want to be.
  4. Learn how these methods will help you to create the Permanent Behavioral Changes if you are willing and ready to commit to your own self-mastery process.

Required materials: Self-Mastery Coaching materials.
Price for “Spiritually You” introductory classes does not include these materials. Material can be purchased here.

Our ProgramsForgiving One Be-ing at a time, starting with Myself!

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Spiritual Life Coaching

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I will help YOU to grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally—to help you become empowered by the courage, strength, wisdom, intelligence, and talents you already possess.

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Self-mastery is gaining self-control over the functionality of your “ego mind”. By doing so, you will be better able to control your Thoughts, Words, Feelings, and Actions. This is essential because our thoughts manifest into words, words into feelings, and feelings into actions. And all of these equals WHO YOU ARE.“Consciously co-creating with the universe through self-mastery is the only way you can live the life you want to live” – Coach Diana

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Group Coaching

Spiritually You Group Coaching is done much the same way a book club ‘operates’. Participants need to understand that they will be encouraged to share in a group setting to the extent they are comfortable. Participants will also have access to Coach Diana via email, phone calls, or one-on-one conversations.

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